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Remedii naturiste contra pneumoniei şi emfizemului pulmonar Natural 0.

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Remedii against pneumonia and emphysema Among the most common diseases in the cold season are very important respiratory diseases caused by the body debility and changes in environmental factors, namely temperature and humidity.

Today we try to present some data on pneumonia and emphysema. It is favored by cold, fatigue, exhaustion and various infections influenza, measles, whooping cough.

After shooting mode, can be bacterial or viral pneumonia.

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Bacterial pneumonia caused by the presence of groups of bacteria pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococcistarts suddenly with a high fever Stock foto bointing cu vene varicoaserepeated chills, stabbing pains in the chest and shoulder, body weakness and dizziness. Viral pneumonia, the most common in winter and early spring, is caused by viruses influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus. Starts slower and more moderate forms manifested by fever, headache and backache, dry cough with mucous expectoration evolving, looking rusty.

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Gradually, there is an exaggerated agitation, leading to delirium. Elders, children and the chronically ill from cardiovascular, respiratory, liver and diabetes have low resistance and therefore should avoid crowded places and visits to hospitals.

To, pneumonia can develop into serious forms of lung abscess, purulent pleurisy, pericarditis, heart failure, sometimes fatal infection.

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Phytotherapy in domestic consumption have good effects infusions or decoctions of herbs, taken separately or in mixtures of elderflower, lime, primrose, marshmallow, mullein, Herba hyssop, thyme, sage, coltsfoot, plantain, fruits rose hips, anise and underbrush, comfrey root and knotweed with emollients and antibacterial actions. It can take three full tablespoons of white wine, diluted with hot water, the roots macerated comfrey.

Good results are obtained with pine oil each 25 drops times per day minutes before meals, in a course stock foto bointing cu vene varicoase weeks.

Tratarea cu laser a varicelor în Ivanovo Tehnica leech pentru varice The formula for variance of a is the sum of the squared differences between each data point and the mean, divided by the number of data values.

The convalescence is recommended hot tea, fortified with rosehip, sea buckthorn, primrose, lemon balm or lime, sweetened with honey. Externally make wraps on the chest or back extract of horsetail, plantain and coltsfoot, compresses with Swedish bitters and poultices seeds cooked in 4 sessions per day or mustard flour and black, applied daily on the chest, with effects revulsion.

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Massages are beneficial chest and back with St. In some areas use fresh cheese poultice applied in four innings on the day in 20 minutes. After missing the state of fever, can make full baths with thyme or black mustard g seeds placed in a gauze bag, sinking into hot water bath 5 minutes before that lasts 20 minutes. After the bath, the body does not clear, dressed in a thick coat and appear in the warm bed to sweat profusely.

Respiratory clearances will make hot inhalations with essential oils of fir, pine, sage, thyme and eucalyptus. Plenty of fluids and bed rest diet should include plenty of fluids hot soups, fruit juicessalads of fresh vegetables and fruits rich in many vitamins and minerals lemons, oranges, grapefruit, blackcurrant, blueberry, etc.

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It also recommends propolis, yeast, sprouted wheat and oatmeal. Lifestyle imposes a bed rest, where the patient will be well wrapped, in a room heated and ventilated, with strict observance of hygiene rules.

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Give up smoking permanently. Since the disease is transmissible, the patient will be isolated in hospital or at home, especially where bacterial pneumonia, such as family members or other people are not contaminated.

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Causes of the outbreak of the disease are multiple: chronic bronchitis, asthma chronical pneumonia, acute sclerosis lungs parallel with age, pulmonary tuberculosis, bacterial or viral illnesses in some groups of trades by glass-blowers, miners, musical instruments windsmoke and permanent pollution of the atmosphere in some industrial areas and urban areas with intense traffic of motor vehicles with toxic gas leaks.

After disease onset occurring specific symptoms: dry cough, expectoration muco-purulent, decreased ventilation and pulmonary oxygenation alveolar blood, respiratory failure, whistling during exhalation, choking with breathlessness first effort and then permanent feeling chest tightness, cyanosis face lips and cheeks and limbs, bulging chest.

Guaranteed effect with garlic macerate Phytotherapy recommends an arsenal of procedures, with good results if applied carefully.

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It is recommended primarily infusions of flowers and leaves, or in combination with flowers primrose, lily, lavender and chamomile leaves, plantain, Pulmonaria officinalis and lemon balm Herb hyssop, horehound, sage, thyme, Eryngium planum and fumaric acid.

All the teas are used hazel buds acting antisclerotic and licorice roots. It also recommends a course of months per quarter with garlic macerated in alcoholwith the addition of acacia honey and propolis.

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Patients in mountain areas do not neglect diet with fruit juniper, which is beneficial for the majority of lung diseases. Drink moderately salt diet and stopping smoking will consist of meals a day with small amounts of food, low in salt, but rich in vegetables and fruits.

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Avoid, if possible, weight gain and obesity status. From early disease manifestation will consume olive oil by 3 teaspoons per day taken before meals for weeks per month stock foto bointing cu vene varicoase a tincture of garlic each 20 drops 2 times a day. Daily gym will be breathing for 10 minutes through expiration in a tube placed in a jar of 10 liters of clean water.

Contra juice or varicoseis decât anoint of colds, flu and viruses have no chance.

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Breaks down phlegm, fight infections, frees sinuses, bronchi and lungs. A poultice of garlic put on the feet is very good to stop coughs and colds chase.

Is done by passing a few cloves of garlic, mixing them with a little olive oil and applying the mixture on the feet. Alliinase first sealant, have effect against germs that cause salmonella poisoning, dysentery and against staph boils and ulcers that cause purulent skin.

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And was equally effective against streptococci, which causes scarlet fever, diphtheria, erysipelas, inflammation of the lining of the heart rheumatic fever. Allicin, another ingredient, face conjunctivitis eye infection putrefaction decay in food and food in the guttyphoid, cholera and TB.

Germanium nutrient with proven anticancer effect, part of them. Garlic is one of the richest sources of organic germanium and selenium vital in stock foto bointing cu vene varicoase heart disease and many cancers.

Garlic has over one hundred sulfur compounds known.

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Acestiaajuta reduce blood sugar levels and blood ward off asthma and bronchitis, improves circulation and heart function, prevent cancer and help the body get rid of dangerous toxins. Prevent clogged arteries Consumption of garlic may help prevent arterial disease.

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Bansal from R. Medical College, Udaipur, India. In an article in the British medical journal The Lancet, published in the December 29,doctors said that the blood of ten patients was clotted more slowly when they ate garlic with fatty foods than when they ate them without garlic.

In their opinion, this meant that garlic may slow the accumulation of fatty deposits on artery walls and help prevent clogging them.