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The natural urges are the indications of our body functions and they should not be obstructed forcibly. If one resists the flatus air completely or partially, he will be inflicted with the diseases of the chest, flatulence, constipation, pricking sensation throughout the body, Vatha Veda varicoz acute abdominal painKudal Vatham, loss of appetite and oliguria occur because of diminished digestive fire.

Unguente, geluri, creme pentru venele și vasele de sânge în picioare pentru vene varicoase Care unguente geluri din vene varicoase în stadiul inițial sunt cele mai bune Par Abiradris dans Accueil le 28 Septembre à Unguente, geluri, creme pentru venele și vasele de sânge în picioare pentru vene varicoase Care unguente geluri din vene varicoase în veda varicoz inițial sunt cele mai bune Prevenirea și tratamentul tratamentului cu vene varicoase, Gel varicoza ce este și cum să o tratezi varicele ale membrelor inferioare cel mai bun gel din varice miracol unguent revizii varice crema buna pentru venele varicoase pe picioare cel mai bun remediu pentru varicele remediu pentru difuzarea varicelor varice pe medicamente pentru mâini vene varicoase pe mâini tratamentul remediilor populare varicele stadiul tratamentului inițial Unguente TOP10 pentru vene varicoase. Discuție Vene varicoase de luptă și metode eficiente Preparate pentru venele și vasele de sânge - care este mai bine?

Sneezing Kiruharan vayu which lodges with nose is responsible for sneezing. It veda varicoz head ache, pain in the sense veda varicoz, veda varicoz paralysis and back ache. Urine It one do not pass urine regularly, it will cause obstruction in the urethral passage, ulceration in the urinary tract, pain in the joints, and genitalia and distension of the lower abdomen, urinary tract infection with ulceration in the genitalia and purulent discharge as mentioned in the text Theraiyar Karisal.

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Feces Abana Vayu downward air is veda varicoz for defecation. If it is obstructed, its increased quantum pushes the stools. It also causes head ache, pain in the thigh, constipation, discomfort and inability.

A Study on Moola Pitham

If Yawning is prevented it leads to poor digestion, tiredness and wilt of face. Fasting leads to the destruction of all the seven physical constituents and loss of weight and infectious diseases like tuberculosis. Cough and tiredness fatigue If cough is controlled it leads to violent cough, bad odour in the breath and angina pectoris abdominal pain and tiredness, veda varicoz becomes even veda varicoz.

Sleep If one do not sleep well daily, he may get headache, redness of eyes, impaired speech and hearing. If vomiting is prevented forcibly it leads to urticarial rashes, itching, pallor, eye diseases, Pitha diseases, dyspnoea fever cough etc.

veda varicoz

Constraint of tears causes head ache, eye diseases sneezing, veda varicoz, heart disease etc. It will also cause abdominal gastric ulcer. Semen If semen is veda varicoz, it leads to fever, oliguria, joint pain, urinary infection, 27 Constraint of proper breathing leads to dyspnoea, cough, distention of abdomen, throbbing pain, colic and anorexia.

Thinaigal The geographical distribution of the land is classified in to veda varicoz types.

Kurinchi - Mountain range. Mullai - Pastoral area of the forest 3. Marutham - The fertile river bed 4. Neithal - Coastal region Featurs of the five regions 1.

Kurinchi Things which grow in this kurinchi land, where diseases prevail, usually have high potency and natural strength. Many diseases like the one that affects the blood and the diseases of the Spleen occur in this region.

veda varicoz

Kapha diseases also occur here. Mullai Mullai, the pastoral land of forest is the birth place of many pitha diseases 28 3.

veda varicoz

Marudham Marudham, the agricultural land, is fertile with very good water which will drive out the diseases of all the three humors. The nourishing food with all the six tastes never allow such diseases to occur.

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Neithal The coastal area the birth place of Salt, is the place for predominant Vatha diseases. It affects the liver and veda varicoz intestines. Paalai The arid land the spoiled land of Kurinchi and Mullai is the birth place of all the diseases caused by the derangement of Vatham, Pitham and Kapham.

veda varicoz

Paruvaakaalangal Siddhars have classified a year in to six seasons, each consisting of two months. Kar kalam - Aavani-Puratasi Aug16th - Veda varicoz 2.

Koothir kalam - Iypasi-Karthigai Oct16th - Dec15th 3. Munpani kalam - Markazhi-Thai Dec16th - Feb15th 4. Pinpani kalam - Masi-Panguni Feb16th-Apr15th 5. Elavenir kalam - Chithirai-Vaikasi Apr16th - Jun15th 29 Smartness, strength and vitality constitute udal vanmai.

veda varicoz