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Varix also covers arteries and lymphatic vessels.

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Varicose veins vizualizare varicose online mostly in the legs, when malfunctioning valves let blood pool in veins near the skin. Causes include hereditary valve and vein wall weakness and internal or external pressure on veins. Varices are common in pregnancy, suggesting that hormone abnormalities play a role.

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Symptoms include a heavy feeling, with leg cramps and swelling after standing a long time. Complications include skin ulcers and thrombosis. Treatment involves strong support hose, injection therapy, or surgery.

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Varices in the esophagus, which often occur in liver disease, can ulcerate and bleed. The term varix is also used for similar abnormalities in arteries and in lymphatic vessels.

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Varicose veins occur in a number of areas, including the legs; the esophagus or gullet; the spermatic veins, which return blood from the testes varicose veins in this area cause a mass in the scrotum that is called a varicocele ; the veins of the broad ligaments, i. Varicose veins in the legs, by far the most common location, result from malfunctioning of the valves in the veins.

These valves normally prevent blood from vizualizare varicose online its flow after the movement of the leg muscles has forced the blood upward and from superficial veins to the deep veins.

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When the valves do not function properly, the blood collects in the superficial veins, distending and twisting them. Weakness of the valves and of the walls of the veins may be inherited.

Other possible causes include garments that improperly constrict the legs e. The increase in the number of varices that occurs during pregnancy has awakened the suspicion that abnormalities in endocrine secretion play a role.

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Symptoms include a sensation of heaviness and a tendency for the leg muscles to cramp while one is standing. The feet and legs swell at the end of the day.

Phlebology is the branch of medicine which treating varicose vein diseases.

The skin may be inflamed and moist, a condition called weeping eczema. Ulcers may appear around the ankles and clots may develop in the diseased blood vessels.

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Treatment consists of the use of elastic bandages or strong support hose if the affected person is unable to undergo surgery; injection of a sclerosing solutiona solution that hardens the vein and makes it like a corddirectly into the vein, a method used primarily for dealing with minor varices and for treatment of varices that have persisted after most have been corrected by surgery and vizualizare varicose online treatment, consisting of tying off the affected veins or removing them, a process called stripping.

The most recent treatment has been by electrolyte methods.

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